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About Me

     Ok, so I guess I need to start off, by giving a little bit about myself… I am absolutely love to draw though right now due to some issues I’ve had to deal with from mending a very broken heart I have not done any drawings. I am really good at Anime drawings which is typically the way Japanese draw, you know the bigs eyes and cute little creatures and stuff?  I love music, Metal, Hard Rock, You name it just about; anyways I can sing very well or so I have been told.  I would love to learn to play the guitar but no one around where I live to teach me.  Usually music it what clears my mind and soul and helps me deal with my issues. I am a Christian, ok well a Christ follower.  Let me tell you its not an easy path, but deffinetly one where I have seen God work in my life on multiple occasions.  Recently saving me from a very bad engagement to someone whom, decided that 11 hours before the wedding he would leave me stranded and not even give me a reason why. The only other thing I know I need to mention is the fact that next year I am going to be a mother! Yes I am pregnant, I am only 10 weeks a long right now, and can’t wait till Saturday when I will be 11 weeks!


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