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My little one

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited, but at the same time very mad at myself.  I know I shouldn’t have been, but with everything my heart and mind has been dealing with that was the furthest thing that I wanted to find out.

I am more excited now than I was then, I had literally felt like my world had fallen apart, and I beat myself up more than you figure a person would when they find out such exciting and wonderful news as a baby being brought into this world.

I am terrified that I ain’t going to be a good enough mother, but God knows what He’s doing when He gives a mother a child right? So then I have nothing to worry about, but yet that fear is still there.  I have other worries as well, but not ones that I really want to go into.

The baby at 7 weeks when I first had my ultrasound was strong and healthy and the heart beat was 177.  Can you imagine my excitement when I heard you don’t usually and can’t usually hear the heart beat that early on??? It sounded like a cat purring, no really it did, it was so amazing, to think that I have life inside of me.  That soon I will be carrying around and taking care of my own little bundle of joy.

I’ve seen what it’s like to be a mother and I know it’s not an easy life, but its the life I’ve been given and have had to take on.  So not only will I be in college next year for art, but I will be a mother of a beautiful little one as well, my family started early don’t ya think?


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