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God’s Way not ours.

  I have to tell you, I am amazed everyday at how God works in my life.  He saved me from a very aweful marriage, which I could not see at the time, but later began to understand what I was being saved from it upset me yes, but I was thankful that I was saved.  My family have been so supportive of me, and have truely been there for, same with my friends.  God has always taken care of my family through any of our needs, we do our share and He does the rest.  I have even prayed for friends safety and found out the next day, why I needed to because I saved a friend from losing her life that night, keeping her with her husband and her beautiful little girl.  I was so thankful.  He never lets anyones Prayers go unanswered, but He deffinetly does not do it on our terms or our time.  He makes us wait, wonder, and for those of us who do, we worry, we shouldn’t though. 

  He wants us to be patient, let me tell you if you want God to teach you patience pray for it, but be prepared He will deffinetly give you what you ask for with it.  But I am thankful that I prayed for that a while ago, it has given me more patience with my friends and family, and help me to grow in Him, because I am even more patient when I ask for things from Him. 

      A while ago I read Stepping Heavenward  A very amazing book, it taught me alot about being a better woman and following God, though I still have my faults. Who doesn’t?  But one thing that always hit me hard was this woman whom struggled with following God all her life was so willing to give her husband and her children over to God for him to take care of they were rightfully His anways what business did she have keeping them for herself?  I Gave my little blessing just warming up in the oven right now over to God already, I have asked God that He take care of this baby and watch over it, and I will do my part in brining it up for His glory.  Do you know how hard that is?  To honestly hand over something thats not even born yet? That you are carrying, and carrying, and nurturing, for Him?  It’s very hard but this little blessing was given to me by Him, so what right do I have to keep this blessing to myself?  It’s like I read in another book, when God gives you a blessing don’t keep it for yourself give it back to Him.  So it is something I have tried to follow ever since then.  

           As a Christian we seek God’s Eternal Guidance, following Him not as if we were mere puppets, not as if we were mere robots, but as if we have a choice as if we have a life to lead. A choice to choose between what He says is right and what we ourselves see society do, do we follow the mere crowd and give into peer pressure or follow that long strenuous path? It is not as if we were sent here to the earth, with all perfection, for no one can be perfect, with all issues of life being given to us on a silver platter, though we can try. It is truly amazing how hard we attempt to be the right kind of person, yet we fail over and over again, sometimes over the simplest of things, over a lesson He had to teach us that we have yet learn, or the pain of loosing a loved one. We seek him with everything, with all the terror, sadness, and anger that comes into our lives, with all the troubles and pain, with all the hard issues; but, we hardly ever seem to seek him when we are doing just fine and when everything in life is going great. We get to those points in our lives when we feel we don’t need Him, when we do that, we are in a sense saying we are God, we can handle our life issues on our own, we no longer need Him. He told us we are supposed to follow Him no matter what, even when things are not going according to our plans, everything He does is Eternally perfect; there is no flaw or a hint of a wrong thing. This is one of the biggest struggles seen in a lot of Christian lives, failing to keep on the path with Him, and then being angry with Him when their lives fail to meet up to their plans.  We shouldn’t be angry, we should be joyful and thankful that His plans are perfect and He knows what is best for us we do not.

      I hope this may help someone out there who is struggling,or maybe you just need a reminder, either way I hope it helps.


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