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Healed Heart or Heart Break?

A Healed Heart moves on, a Broken Heart remains still
A life alone may be better than a life with the one
Who can’t see what he has done
While here I stand here afraid to move
A man on his knees prays for the day he will find me
He will save me from a life alone
Maybe its just silly to feel
That one day a man will prove
That they are not all the same
A Healed Heart moves on, a Broken Heart remains still
       Have you ever heard girls complain about how a guy truely broke their heart? And yet they are only 12-16?  I look at them and it kinda makes me laugh they have no idea what real love is.  They talk about how they love their man so much, and yet two days-two weeks later they have a new man that they love.  How is that true love?  It’s a wonder that some of us want whats real, while these young girls go around throwing love out their like its some kind of game, guys do it too.  

    The main reason I am posting this though is not to complain about those young girls, its maybe to help those young girls see, that a healed heart will move on, what I mean by this is that, when we have heartbreak and we move forward and remember that someone better is out there, we are letting our hearts heal.  But by standing still, we are allowing ourselves to relive the moment and if we keep running back to someone who does not care then we are only adding to our already shattered hearts.  We have to pick up our broken pieces and put them back together one by one so that one day we will meet that man of their dreams. It can be a slow and painful process picking up those pieces, while for others it may just be as easy as vacuuming the floor.  I know honestly what it feels like to have my already fragile female heart shattered into a million pieces by a guy.  It’s like he really didn’t care less, he just took it to the highest tower he could find and dropped it letting it shatter.  I was heart broken, and I am still battling it, I was engaged to this man for 10 months, almost a year, it was the night before the wedding so I know all about heart break…  But one thing I keep reminding myself is what I wrote and posted above “A man on his knees prays for the day he will find me. He will save me from a life alone”.  This man has no idea what he will be getting into, nor what kind of woman I am, but God is already preparing him to be the type of husband I will need, while he is preparing me to be the type of wife I need to be.  There are true men and women, for those of you young men who have lost someone you truely loved, who will be there for us when God deems it the right time.  It may not happen right away, but then again if God deems that you need that person in your life He will make it happen.  Sometimes it may take a lot longer than expected, but don’t give up!

       One thing I know that tends to help is to remind yourself that His plans are absolutely perfect, and that by learning to take care of yourself, and grow in the Lord and work towards being a better daughter/son you can make yourself a better woman/man for the man/woman God has picked out for you.  Don’t give up! Keep moving forward!


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