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My pregnancy So far

      Well ok for starts, today is the 11th I know on my blog it says the 12th but its not my dating is set wrong, anyway, today marks the start of me being 11 weeks pregnant! Yay!!!!  Let me tell you for me never having ever been pregnant before this has really taken a toll on my body.  The first month was ok, a little stressful, freaked me out when my period never showed up.  Some minor pains in stomache, nothing unusual.  Second month was an omg month, nothing says your pregnant like constant Nasuea! No joke, once I had finally seen the midwife whom told me to stop taking my prenatal vitamins and go to two flinstone chewable vitamins a day, my nasuea went away yipee! Morning sickness still happens but not all day.  Now that I am getting close to being done with this third month I have like this aweful metalic taste in my mouth that never goes away and it only seems to make nasuea worse, I have tried the cranberry juice it worked once and hasn’t worked after that, crackers work, but only for the moment, and I’ve not tried milk, because it seems milk is something that I can only have when my baby allows. 

      Exercise and being pregnant: Now one thing my midwife was surprised was that even though I was two months pregnant when I went to see her, I was determined to take care of my health and my weight.  I exercise its not really heavy, I do some minor weight lifting with a toning video, just little two pounds.  I do Lesli Sanson’s walking video her one mile three times a week, and her two mile once a week.  And lastly I do a leg toning video, squats and leg lifts.  She said that was all safe, things she didn’t want me doing was obvious, no over active arobics, no horseback riding, ect. 

     My Eating: my eating varies like any pregnant woman, but I do tell you I do my dangdest to eat the best I can! I usually average two through three fruits a day and about two vegitables a day. I should eat more I know but I try, thats what counts.  I dilute juice, because water makes me so very nasueas… freaks me out too.  I crave sweets out the wazoo, but I don’t give in I go for healthier snacks, and let me tell you those nicely flavored yogurts, sometimes I’ve noticed it calms my nasuea too, it also really help when your craving sweets but don’t want to eat a cinnamon bun for example.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t deny my sweets all together I have them in moderation.  I get nasueas when I think of certain foods, and then two hours later I may want that food weird right?  I have told my dad that my absolute favorite dish, smelled gross one time, freaked him out! lol!

     Now I got sick about two weeks ago, sadly I am not aloud to take any medication to get rid of the virus, I just have to let it run its course, but I have been drinking plenty of fluid and doing nothing but resting, getting out of the house on really cool evenings for a walk around my neighborhood, to relax and get some fresh air.  I am only really suffering from a minor cough, which when its a harder cough it hurts my stomache, I don’t know how many people out there have that problem, but coughing does hurt.  So does sneezing, and sometimes laughing lol!

      I have had people ask me why I chose a midwife, and I tell them because I want a doctor whom is going to be there for me, answering my questions like I am talking to a person, not a doctor, not that if I needed a doctor I wouldn’t go, but I don’t like all those terms they like to use, and some of them act like even though you are the woman, you know nothing about your own body.  I didn’t want that for my first pregnancy so I chose a midwife, and Now I am absolutely thankful that I did!  She was so very awesome, answered all my questions honestly talked to me like I was talking to a good friend.


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