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      Today was so awesome!!! I got the ultrasound done to see exactly how far along my baby really is and it is 14 weeks and 4 days!!! to my amazement I thought I was only 12 weeks! That really explains the increase in energy I have had as well as increase in appetite.  My little sister is so sweet she wanted so badly to come, and she loved seeing the baby in my tummy, and hearing its heart beat!  The baby moved, it moveds it leg and foot, and it waved! I was so happy!  I have tons of pictures now of that cutey!  It was exciting and both my grandparents want to know the sex of the baby… I am not really sure if I want to know or not…

    Other than that today was a drag, I had a cook out with my grandparents and family, and it was ok, I got a major head ache though and it won’t go away… I have also been looking for a small puppy, something that I will feel safe having around a baby as well as something to keep me company on walks but yet to no luck finding one.  I will keep looking though.  

     I know I have been slacking on writing but I have been kind of busy with all the appointments and taking care of spring cleaning which by the way, don’t over do when pregnant, (not a good thing when pregnant!!!!) I went into the kitchen and wiped down all the cabinets and really got everything looking awesome, we have dogs, so the dust and hair can really gather up quick.  One of our dogs is in heat poor thing she is so little and has absolutely no idea what is going on, its kind of funny though to watch her lay around like some women have to do on their periods.


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