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The first of October!

     Well Today is the first of October my how time flys!!!! I got to thinking today, my birthday is this month, so is Halloween! I so want to dress up as a cat, ok well a Neko. Neko=Half human half cat. Plus not only that but my sister gets to go Trick or Treating, She is some kind of Fairy I think it’s something with a wand, But what can you say to a little girl right? Love the whole ordeal about how Halloween gives us a chance to use our imaginations to be something else, I used to be in it for the candy when I was younger. But now I think I’d rather just enjoy it for dressing up. I am not into it like the whole witches and devils thing. Although with as many people probably going to be Alice from Alice and Wonderland and The Mad Hatter from the same, I sugested to my friend that she be the Delinquent Devil instead of Alice. And then I really got to thinking Eventually I am going to have to run my little kid around the neighborhood for halloween, but I think I will go about it differently then just all about candy… Not that candy is a bad thing mind you.

     I had to get rid of my big dog Vanilla.. sadly I was afraid because she was so big and liked to jump up, and the fact that she thinks she is such a small dog, that she would hurt the baby unintentionally once it was born. She was going to be a 135-145 pound dog, big dog.  But a rescue center for her breed of dog, took her and are going to find her a good home which is really relieving to me.

    I have a friend of mine who runs a blog, she has some really interesting stuff on her blog, and I thought as a surprise I would mention it here.  I know she is hosting some sort of Challenge which is pretty cool!  I would participate, but I kind of already have no choice on the whole Challenge thing she is doing anyway :P.  So here is her Blog check it out @ Quilts And Apron Strings

    Let me see I have been working on myself, and when I say that I have gone to drinking nothing but water o my gosh! Do you really honestly know how hard it is to go from drinking Flavored water, to diluted juice to nothing but water? It’s like majorly hard! Six cups everyday, and one glass of milk, 2 fruits, 2 vegitables, and the rest is what ever else I am able to eat.  Going for what my stomache allows.  I have continued to work out, tough as it may be at times, I do it anyways taking it at the pace my body says I can handle each day.

   Lastly, I want to mention that I never thought in a million years, that all of this would happen this year.  It’s all so wonderful and amazing, and I have been truely blessed by God to have such wonderful friends and Family.  Even though I screw up at times, and fail a lot at least I feel like it.


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