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My body, My Mind, Ect.

          For starts, I have never really had a really high selfesteem about myself, I used to at least think I was pretty, but now I look in the mirrior and see a disgraceful, shameful, unworthy person, and sad as it all sounds, it is true. I don’t feel I am worth much at all but here I am fixin to be a mother of a baby, and I think so badly of myself… After the pain of what I have gone through and how my ex fiance made me feel about myself what little selfesteem I had is now gone, I don’t even see a pretty girl anymore I just see a face… Why is it we as women beat our selves up so harshly?  We tend to pick out our worste features of our bodies, and then beat ourselves up.  I used to weigh 190 pounds, I worked really hard and lost 63 pounds I weighed in at 127 before I got pregnant, and I am working hard to tone up my entire body, eat right, drink plenty of water, and all around take care of myself and my baby.  But somehow it just doesn’t seem to make me feel any better about myself… My stomache is my area I wish I could change but people look at me and say I am practicly flat… So why, why do we choose as women to beat ourselves up?  The media does not in any way help how we feel about ourselves, showing these perfect women skinny to the core, no fat, stretch marks, saggy skin, nothing! not a flaw on them, but is it really?  We have no idea what they look like behind closed doors, or how badly they feel about themselves.  The media airbrushes their images making them look perfect, and to us only making us feel even more ashamed of ourselves.  Another bad place that they make us feel bad is when we get pregnant oh they show the perfect imaged celebrities pregnant, perfectly skinny smiling with that baby bump, and then they show after pictures of how flat they are after pregnancy, and I know that a lot of women out there wish they could be that way.  But yet when we aren’t, even when we know they are airbrushed, or they have had tummy tucks and all sorts of surgeries to keep the what society pegs as the perfect body image, we beat ourselves up even more, blaming our eating, our lack of exercise, it ranges with each woman, and it damages what low selfesteem we may already have about ourselves.  It’s really not easy when each woman has gone through anything ranging from losing weight, abuse(from anywhere, and any form), health problems making it much harder for them to lose what weight they have gained from being unable to work out, eating disorders, and here it ranges just as wide…  We as women need to stand up for ourselves, its not easy! And I am just as guilty, I am even going to comment on my own post just so that it has been started and people can see that even a soon to be mother has her own issues.  I know what preassure we are constantly under, from family, friends, the media, society, ourselves(the biggest and hardest one to manage).  We should think better of ourselves, specially when we are pregnant, our bodies are changing, and our stretch marks, or loose skin is all for the sake of bringing a beautiful baby into this world!  So why should we beat ourselves up over the fact that we won’t be flat anymore?  Or won’t have the perfect bodies, no one can be perfect, so then why do we try?

       I have two challenges I want to post here and have people leave comments on, this challenge is not just for women so if your a man and want to post please feel free.

Challenge number 1.  What are some of things that you really wish you could change about yourselves?

Challenge number 2.  What is the thing/things you love most about yourself?


4 Responses

  1. For Challenge number 1. I wish I could change my stomache, make it flatter. Change my own self worth, how I feel about myself.

    For Challenge number 2. I love my eyes, its the one piece of my entire body that I feel is even worth looking at anymore.

  2. Thank you for this thought provoking post. You asked us what do we wish we could change about ourselves so here
    goes; my weight and my disability. I especially don’t like the middle part of my body, or the fact that I am so limited in what I am capable in doing.

    The things I love about myself are: my lips, my ears, my
    commitment to trying to do better, and the fact that I love
    to do multiple types of crafts, when my hands will allow it
    that is.

    I really hope others respond to this post; we as women need to stand up and support each other. At times we judge
    each other, but we shouldn’t. I am sure that those we judge
    are already much harder on themselves than we are and
    our judging them just makes it harder for them. Remember
    ladies: each and everyone of us is unique and beautiful.

  3. […] would like everyone to go check out this wonderful post My Body, My Mind, Ect..  I believe it applies to us […]

  4. Well here it goes. Thing I don’t like about myself is 1 I’m over weight and 2 I don’t like my eyes, I wish I didn’t have ptosis.

    Thing I do like about myself is I love to read books, I like my nose and my ears. I like how short I am and my body type of what I could have if I exercised more lol. I also like the fact that I enjoy doing art even though I’m so horrible at it XD. I also like that I’m not a smoker or anything.

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